Waking up to Home


For so many years my passion was travelling the world in pursuit of beauty. Travelling to exotic places is like an explosion of the senses, every sound smell and sight is so new and exciting. You are in an incessant whirlwind of awe and surprise.

However in my search for beauty my eyes remained closed to the beauty that was around me every day right at home. Photography opened my eyes to that beauty. It taught me to be present and pay attention to the details.

It taught me that the beauty I searched for was right on my doorstep. It made me have awe and appreciation for Ireland and opened up all my senses to the wild beauty of the country, which I am so lucky to live in.

Each photo has a story, a collection of memories of all the senses that were experienced in that moment. Memories of times spent with friends, of empty beaches, crashing waves, wild winds that could cut through you, the smell of a campfire or the sound of falling asleep to the crashing waves or rain pelting down.

Moments that make you stop and feel blessed. These are the experiences I live for. I’m looking forward to sharing more of these moments this year.



Sunset Kayaking with Real Adventures


doolin castle waves

Big waves on the west coast

connemara-1Searching for the perfect angle 

galway b&W-1Making the most of the dullest of conditions.

camping-1-2Good times with friends

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