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  • A view through the trees, Bree forest
  • Feeding the animal residents
  • Earthwise yoga cottage
  • A peaceful stroll
  • Bree Forest

The art of simple living

Every person has different lifestyle needs. I dream of a simpler more passionate life, living close to nature, growing my own food and surrounded by a variety of animals. Last week I was lucky enough to spend a few days at Earthwise Yoga in Wexford, a peaceful little haven  in the sunny south east.  A place where they have perfected the art of simple pure living. The cosy country cottage, surrounded by  golden fields and calm forests offers an insight […]

Waking up to Home

For so many years my passion was travelling the world in pursuit of beauty. Travelling to exotic places is like an explosion of the senses, every sound smell and sight is so new and exciting. You are in an incessant whirlwind of awe and surprise. However in my search for beauty my eyes remained closed to the beauty that was around me every day right at home. Photography opened my eyes to that beauty. It taught me to be present […]